Stange Wings😇

Mix – Golden Earring – She Flies On Strange Wings:

“THE QUEEN’S NOTION(S)!” 01/15/2018 {Moon Goddess Day!}

When The Queen of The Universe thinks out loud,

You’d swear: “She’s MAD – or – VERY proud!”

Whenever Oshienushi* gets a feeling,


To get you reeling!

It-gets-written-down – and is-The-Absolute,


And, just-remember-this-to-boot:

“You’d-better-memorize-it; commit-it ‘To Heart!’ “

Or Else,

She’ll grab you, with a start,

And cry:

“You’re disrespecting – and, oh, so mean!

You little roach – I AM THE QUEEN!

AND, when-I-get-a-feeling,

You’d BETTER comply!

Or else there’s-Hell-to-pay!


fin. ❤

*: The infallible female leader of the Universe 🤔


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