“COOLEST THING EVER!” a.k.a.: “Girls LOVE Musicians, Especially Pianists!” Monday, January 15, 2018 🙂

One summer (I) went to Music Camp, (I) showed up with this fellow:

CURTIS DRAKE, pianist! Me? I had my cello!

We-were-high-school “losers;” never “made it” with the ladies,

So, going to U. M.,* My Friends, we’re headin’-straight-for-Hades!


I, in my ensembles, hormone-ravaged guy!


BUXOM! My, oh my!

Like the “first chair” blondie,


On Top!


She made my eyeballs POP!

Curtis? Blonde-haired virgin! Girls went JUST CRAZY!


JEAN CROCKETT! “Don’t be lazy!”**


Who-knows what was her age!

She was

“Drop-dead gorgeous!” Baby, all the rage!

And no one ever touched her – we figured: MAFIA GIRL!

Italian, dark-haired wonder – teeth, like polished pearl.

SO –

Downstairs, there, at old U.M., PRACTICE ROOMS! Oh, no!!

LOCK US IN & PLAY FOR HOURS -CURT, he was a pro!

(He) Was playing gorgeous Chopin, and in walked (the) Mafia Queen!

It was, perhaps, on Sunday- Best thing he’d ever seen!

She turned to him; then, locked the door! And-on-piano-bench!

“Hi, there, Curtis, Honey –

Why are you so tense?”


Imbued-with-(the)-Holey-Spirit, smiled and played “the fool!”

“Curtis, Oh, My Curtis!”

When I heard this, I did drool.

“Curtis,” as she sidled over, to this Sophomore lad,

“Ever been – so-close-to-a-girl? One who loves you –


Now, THIS, my Friends, the coolest thing – that I might ever hear –

Curtis said: “YES! My Love, but NEVER –


So Near!”

Fine Curtis skoochied real close – and-the rest?

We never heard!

But Curtis was our hero there;

(He) Sprinkled-salt-upon-that-bird!

fin. ❤…

  • : University of Montana, Missoula, Montana

** : THE woman who helped me learn about “elbow grease,” as the end-all, be-all of human existence – She was THE President of The Montana Piano Teachers’ Association, Helena, Montana, for as long as I knew her. I think she also ran for the a state governmental office, like Governor, and narrowly lost. Anyway, IF you wanted your “bundle of joy” to get the finest piano lessons available in this fine state of Montana, THIS was the person. I was her FIRST grandchild, so I got off fairly easily! Whew! 🙂 God rest her soul! I say that, hoping she will not haunt my dreams tonight – and force me to do more windows! “Elbow grease, JAY; use MORE elbow grease!” “Yes, Grama Jean!” “Good! You’re learning!” 🙂