“STEPHANIE’S STRATEGY!” 01/15/2018 Moon Day!

Stephanie’s from Bethany; she is “THE ‘SEXTING’ QUEEN! She’ll get you “straight,” with therapy -(and) the-best-sex-you’ve-ever-seen!

“Your mind’s not CLEAR – so I’ll-adhere to ‘systems,’ sure and strong;

Let’s go-back-to-your-childhood,

Clear-up your pasts’ sad song!

Just note those women, long ago, that you had crushes on,

‘Cause, if you could-a ‘done it’ then, your ‘hang-ups’ would be gone!”

SO, here’s the list she’s looking for? The pretty women who,


My-heart-and-soul-and-mind; they-were so sexy, too!

“OK, well, SUZIE, right next door,

Married, then,

With child,

When she sunbathed, summer days, I nearly would go wild!

And TANYA {Tiday} – I am sure, would cause me to come out:

“Oh, Hippie Girl, take me PLEASE – to Heaven! I’ve no doubt!”

ELVA, she was from Up North, but I’d go South with her!

Her dad, a Baptist Preacher! She married a young sir!

PAULA, Paula, dance with me!

Take my heart; I’d gladly be,

Your slave forever, just to see,

The bounty, ‘tween your legs, so free!

HANNA! Young and dashing lass!

Let me, Darling, kiss your a – –

And smell your skin until that day,

That you would marry Lizzie (gay)!

ANNE is pure as driven snow; no one touches her, you know!

Until she gets that wedding ring, and

Pre-nup’s really make her sing!

NANCY Gray lived ‘cross the street,

She-was-so-young, and I could eat,

Her up, just like a cherry pie,

BUT, she could run – I tried to fly!

IO, maiden of the moon,

Wore head-dresses and could zoom,

To-Jupiter with the right ‘fix,’

I loved her, but she died! Bad Mix!?

And EVA, artist-girl-in-town, she wore a melancholy gown!

She dyed her hair with coral shell, and pursued boys who worked so well!”

Now, Stephanie, she had a plan – to clear this clouded headed man:

“Just fantasize on each lost lass – and bring them to me for each class,

And I’ll-be-that-girl – Just For You,

And you can ‘have’ her AND lose her too!”

“Well, my Lovely,

Spice of Life, you who’s sure to be my wife!

You-see, your system is undone!

Let me tell you!

I need NONE!

Of those girls (for), they-are-all-YOU!

You embody (them) ALL; you DO!

I can prove it, STEPHANIE; just you watch this artistry:

                         S  uzie

                         T  anya

              with    E  lva   too, Are in your eyes,

                        P  aula?  Who?

                        H  anna,

                        A  nne, and

                        N  ancy Gray can’t compare to you, I say!

                        I  o,

                       E va are your thighs,

Wrapped around my face and eyes!

See, they spell YOU; Every-one!

And-you’re-the-gal I’ll call my “Hon!”


I LOVE YOU – We’re a pretty pair!

fin. ❤

Editor: Dazzled

“You say you love rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sun, but you seek shelter when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your windows. So that’s why I’m scared when you say you love me.”