“SUPER KILLER!” 01/14/2018 Day of Sun Shine and Fresh Air …

Killer Jane, she lived in Fresno, earned her reputation when:

(Even though she sworn off- family, “LADIES,” love, and, even, men)

Met some guy, who caught her fancy!

“How could this occur to me! To-imagine I would fall –


With-a guy from Tuscany!?”

Way back then, she hid a lot, hid from every fashion show,

Had no interest, then, in driving – chauffeured everywhere, you know?

Suddenly, her world a-changed – and she-saw stars come to her eyes!


Italian drama –

To this bloke, she quickly “flies!”

Dedicates her whole existence –

And he’s flipping crazy too!

I am saying – “This here couple, what a pair of prime cuckoo!”

Well, he swore to never leave her

And-that’s exactly how it worked!

First, she killed his ex-wife’s sister,

Then (the) ex-wife,

She cleaned and jerked!

Killed the parents all to H – -l –

Just to show her expertise,

For his parents, quite possessive,

And this girl was half Maltese!

Anyway, she went to jail –

And he visits everyday

And tells her that he truly loves her – (and he does, of course)

And she smiles and cries “Hooray!”

And, one day, (there), as they were talking, through the one-way looking glass,

She got anxious, and she shattered mirrors, so to hold his a – -!

Super strong, she grabbed onto him

And, within her fond embrace,

He was crushed and torn to pieces (pause)

She -did-a-number-on his face!

And, as she looked at his funky body,

He seemed to almost live again …

Then, they woke – and she was hugging –


Her Honey


Moral of The Story: “Respect Your Limits!” L. O. L.