“DESTINATION: P O M C O V I A !” 01/11/2018 Thursday.

“Take me to Pomcovia,” I urged-her, my-chauffeur.

Said she, “Oh, yes, my Lady – (I’ll) obey your fine ordeur.”

So, one clear morn, we traveled –

On that fateful day!

To make it to The Coastal Land – we went, with “feet of clay.”

And, when we did arrive there, I spied a forlorn man,

And this was what I needed – I ALWAYS have a plan!

I am a Social Democrat, helping ALL The Land,


You are unfortunate, I lend a helping hand!!

“My friend,” cried I,

He was so sad, confined to wheel chair!

“ ‘Tis I, your benefactor!” His eyes did glow, right there!

“My Darling!”

Disease-inflicted, he was a bloody sight,

I stroked his face, to comfort him,

“Yes, Dear, you’ll be all right!”

He was with some gay comrades;

They were upset with me!


Not their “cup of tea!”

My chauffeur, watching this unfold, was quick to “reign” me in!

“Oh, m’am, my Love, please watch yourself!”

I hid NOT my chagrin!

“Now, watch your place, Miss Driver!” I-retorted-then-to-her,

As several dark and filthy men approach my blond coiffure!

Another day, I’ll go there and comfort unwashed “pence,”

But, for now, my chauffeur – has thwarted my intents!

My driver does not understand

My motives, pure and good!

She’s just a Filipino (pause)

DRIVER! (pause)

So, she really never could!

fin. ❤


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