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I’m not unhappy but I do suffer from very dark thoughts which can sometimes stop me working and make it hard for me to concentrate. I can feel quite helpless and hopeless and I can’t sleep and then I lose weight. I don’t seem to have any control over it. Sometimes life causes the change but other times it just happens.

I can’t talk to people because they don’t understand and just offer advice albeit well meaning. I see the doctor when I can, but it’s hard to get an appointment. I exercise a lot but often that doesn’t lift things either.


Dear all

I am raising awareness of mental illness and the Samaritans and wanted to know if you’d like to help.

Mental illness still has a very significant stigma attached to it and unless you’ve experienced it. It is very hard understand.

I believe that more people have suffered than we know. Close friends, relatives people or we see on a daily basis will have suffered or be suffering.

The idea

If you have suffered or are suffering, would you like to share your story? If so:

· Keep it brief.

· Private message it to me

· It will be treated with absolute confidence

· I’ll share on FB and it will be attributed as ‘anonymous’


Once posted, people will be curious who the story belongs to because in all probability they will know the person. It may just encourage people to be more sensitive and compassionate knowing that those around them may well be suffering.

You are not alone: How to cope with mental illness

Australia:support Beyound Blue your go to.



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