“DARWUZ!” 01/09/2018 (Tuesday)


Leetl Shonshin bo,

Whoz madea-papr-angels,

Wuz don upon da cornr – Ner Halifax & Sain-jels!

Whod make-up fo yu, each day,

When yu’d com-on by,

Hed makea dem so purty, it make yu wanna cry!

Hed makea dem so carful, evry fold & creez in dem,

Wuld shin wid lite n gloree – day didn hav a “blem!”

One day, hes noteon coner, we look bot hi n lo,

We look into de allee – we look – where no un go,

We neva foundat wascal; he vanish to thin air!

It likly broke ar weary hearts,

We nevr mend dis tear! 🙂

fin. ❤

JFASTEREFT MODERN IMPRESSIONIST POET, Always listen to the video embedded with every blog to ponder over,

Words of the POET is meticulously intertwined in the Poets Playing with sounds of our minds 🖼️

Editor :DAZZLED ♥️


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