“PRIVATE TIME” a.k.a.: “Over The Top Over You!” Jan. 4, 2018 Thursday.

Sometimes-we-just-need-some-time-Just-need-some-SWEET-time out!

To be alone, real close and warm – It’s -What-life’s-all-about! 🙂

I love your skin – Just love your skin – I REALLY love your skin,

And, if I snuggle close with you, You’ll maybe let me in!?

Into YOUR Heart, your Heart-of-Hearts!

I kiss and hold REAL tight,

You push your hips (so wet inside) – I really feel so right! (pause)

YOU’RE so real!

You’re-BEAUTIFUL! I can not get enough,

I love you, HONEY! Kissy – Coo!

I love it!



fin. ❤

THE SUMMER WAY!” a poem. I love the night; I love the day – with YOU, beside me – all the way! Warm summer sun, shines on, so strong – I crave its touch, with YOU along. With our dear friends, our pooches two – and all the world is laughing too. Warm summer sun – it is outside! Out there! Where we! Can never hide! The love we feel – is warm and true – ’tis something no cold phone can do! Blow softly too, warm summer breeze – I need your touch; I’m on my knees – To reach for you – and bring you there – Where summer breezes, touch your hair: Where summer sun, doth kiss your skin – and warms us both – and lets us in! And, when the summer sun will set – our “healthy selves” will sleep, I bet! We’ll go inside and kiss and hold – each other, and we’ll be so bold – as to declare, with one accord – OUR LOVE. This Heaven. Unto Our Lord, we’ll pray for just another day, of holding hands, my lovely fay.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉



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