Wars in the middle east (currently concentrated in Syria) have caused a massive exodus of islamic refugees out of this country and also out of Africa.

As part of this plan, Muslims who are reaching Europe and the west will probably never see their homelands again and this is what international Zionism has planned all along.

Europeans and other western countries are being manipulated by Zionist politics & the jewish-controlled media to accept massive intakes of islamic refugees as the first step in the plan.

The aim is to cause chaos in the West thru the “Clash of Civilizations” as both Muslims & the west become trapped with each other. (The “iron and clay” which can never bond together)

Western leaders are being instructed to suppress the culture clash between Muslims & Christians at first, by keeping people ignorant about the true nature of islam until its too late to stop its ingress into western society.

To accomplish this they make concessions to Islam and pass laws to protect it, by making if difficult for anyone to speak out against it. This allows islam to grow and prosper unchallenged.

Meanwhile muslim countries are NOT asked to receive immigrants, so that all muslim refugees are diverted to western countries.

The unskilled mass immigration of muslims will create a huge mess in Europe and other western countries. They have been deliberately chosen because their culture is the one which is most incompatible with Christian countries.

They are the best ‘tools’ available to unknowingly help the zionists “Divide & Conquer”.

Difficulties with integration, speaking local languages & finding decent jobs will escalate tensions between westerners and muslims and Europe and the west will be steadily destroyed by the huge financial burden of mass immigration and internal turmoil.

To escalate matters, the Zionist media & politics continually fuels the tensions of Islamophobia by reporting on Israeli “false flag” attacks in Europe and elsewhere which are blamed on Muslims.

The same tactic was employed in the 911 attack on America in 2001.

Establishing a “Greater Israel” also requires reducing & destabilizing neighbouring populations in the middle east.

The Rothschid’s puppets (Western countries and Arab States) are SERVING this plan to displace Arabs/muslims.

The Rothschild Jewish banker’s plan is to grab the richest lands and countries for themselves and eventually also the oil reserves in the world for their criminal corporations, while making common Jews support any Israeli invasion to grab the land described in their Torah: from Euphrates river (Iraq) to Nile river (Egypt).

Many quotes from Israeli leaders and Rabbis claim these lands are theirs.

ISIS will have western support (secretly) and will kill & terrorize and grab more lands that later will be taken away by Israel because israel is secretly behind ISIS.

Israeli businessmen will then buy up the cheap abandoned lands in the countries surrounding the current borders of Israel.

At some point, Israel will be attacked by a “false flag” event and this will trigger the idea that Israel should invade the Arab lands to protect its borders and this is how “Greater Israel” will be established.

According to the founding father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches:
“From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates.
It also includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

So basically, the Zionists want to expand the land Israel occupies, so they will systematically drive out the muslim nations around them in order to take over their lands. They will also manipulate events to make sure the muslims flee to the western world, NOT to other muslim

This will create chaos and greatly reduce the standard of living in the west. When the west has been basically destroyed from the inside out because of internal chaos due to muslim immigration, the now hugely expanded state of Israel will emerge unscathed and become the new superpower in the world.
This is the Zionist Master Plan

Unknown Author