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“ANOTHER NEW YEAR’S WATCH!” a.k.a.: “I Am (You Are)The Strength That (YOU) I Seek!” 01/01/2018 (Moon Day)

The LORD OF HOSTS came sauntering in,

With food – a wife – and-a piece of skin!

The Lord gave (a) HOUSE, of mud and straw

And taught me fire, like my pa!

Above all, said: “You have enough!

To see you through; I know it’s rough,

But things, you think, improvements make,

Are really cruel (pause) And – quite “fake?!”

You THINK that snake oil makes you well!

Just eat some food,* for this, I tell:

The other gods, which make you cry,**

Seduce you,

Force you,


Upon-them for-what-you-THINK-you-need,

Resolves be weakened! Please, dear, feed:

On “natural,” which I provide,

Skin protects your tender hide!

A wife’s the only friend you need,

And flesh and fruit and grain and seed,

Will-give all nourishment to you,

So you can build a(n) house or two!

And warm yourself with flame and walk,

Please do not listen to their talk,

Of Gods, whose fabrics that you crave!

And plastic (or)

Processed Foods – areN’T brave!

And cars and roads and ease of life,

And mah-chined pictures, give you strife!

Have no other gods, but me!?

They offer JUST dependency,

Which, yes, I guess I offer too –

But here is nature, just for you!

And you’re so natural! Hold your kind,

Please-don’t-rely on prophets blind! || )

Who’ll offer you fine silk and lace,

And ask you all to stuff your face,

And weaken your fine frame with potions,

And stress the need to cross wide oceans!

(SO) Please live your life with wisest eye,

Watch these things and be quite sly!

For they have seasons in the sun,

But, yes, they finally are UNDONE! 🙂

fin. ❤

fin. ❤

*: Luke 8:55; Make 5:43

**: See, e.g.: lyric in George Michael’s “Father Figure!”