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“HEART RESOLUTION!” Happy New Year, Y’all! Sunday, the last day of 2017. for: M.

‘Tis New Year’s Time – yes, quite the thing!

And, NOW –

Your Resolutions Bring!

I know there’re thoughts of diets & travel,

How business woes, we will unravel!

Of: Be more kind,

And go to church,

Pay your tithe

Re-build your “perch!”

And all these resolutions are,

Very Fine, but pretty far –

From “Earth-shattering,” like a big “10″ quake,

I think the finest one(s) to make,

Are PRIORITIES! What has import!?

And who we’ll spend – more time – to court!

And place above – all things, relations,

Which one(s) with whom we’ll take vacations!

And spend our money – and – our time too,

Who indeed? I think IT’S YOU!

And, so, before the old year’s through,

I need to say these things to you:

“You are THE ONE, (with whom) I want to dance,

I choose YOUR HAND – in-this-world-of-chance!

So-on-this fine night – of Thirty-One,

I’ll take YOUR hand – YOU are “my hon!” 🙂

fin. ❤