“A SEAMLESS ROBE!” Tuesday, January 30th: 2018. Here’s a quaint, fashion story, from long, long ago, ‘Bout-a-crucified-man, He-is one we all know! Paid Roman soldiers impaled him well, On the dark Hill of Skulls, to send him to Hell. They cast-lots for his garment – it was all that he had, They called IT his […]


“BED LINEN!” 01/30/2018 (2′s {4} Today!) A white pillow case and a black, loose nightgown, The smell of white linen, is just all around, Your skin is so white – or Is it jet black? Whatever your shade, I’m not going back, Black souls or white, with tears in your eyes, And laughter-in-your-breath – I […]

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“WHY, GOD? WHY?” Sunday: January 28, 2018 GOD is NOTHING! YOU are NOTHING! The only something? YOU – contrive! There is no death; there is no life; it’s just YOUR dream, that you’re ALIVE! You’ve heard what “science” says of THINGS?! “Atom – Atom – Atom clings, To make all structures, seem so real, It […]


“WHAT SOME ‘BIRDS’ CAN GET FOR ‘2018!’ ” a.k.a. : “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s Sister!” A girl with leopard glasses Came by one Winter’s Day; She was a long-haired feline and had-surely come to play! Her purpose was exploratory – perhaps to find a mate! Permission to “pet” kitty! Let’s hope I am […]

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