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“POOKIE’S POOF SEARCH!” πŸ™‚ a short story, in time for the holidays!

Pookie went in search of a REAL guru,* for life “had become – – – -!”

Pookie found one, and they went into a cave! The dark cave was SO dark, it was impossible to see where they were walking! “This is your inner life!” said the guru. Suddenly, a light flashed; the guru had brought a flashlight and was now lighting up the inside of the cave. “Shall we have some fun?” So the two went “exploring!”

After a short while, Pookie spotted something on the cave floor. “What’s that?” As they got closer, the guru said: “Reach down and pick it up!” It was a flashlight! “It must be yours! Why don’t you turn it on?” At that moment, the guru and the other flashlight had disappeared! The cave (the inner psyche)** could now be lit by THIS flashlight (one’s OWN “set of keys!”).

As Pookie ventured from the cave, out into the “light of day” (apparent consciousness), the guru’s voice was heard. “I AM your OWN inner awareness; I am always with you, always have been and always will be. Seek not other than yourself and be aware that whatever you encounter is simply a reflection of yourself, so stop blaming others for “stuff;” it’s all about you! You are your own guru, your own flashlight & your own everything! Stop your searching and fretting about life, you’re HOME!”

Pookie emerged from the cave, and there was the guru, who said: “Welcome, Master!” POOF! <3

*: (Sanskrit) one who “lights the way!”

**: (Greek) the “internal” YOU!