“FOREVERMORE!” a.k.a.: “Everyone Gets Out Alive!” 12/22/2017 FREYA’s

a.k.a.: “Just call me Gus!”

There’s ALWAYS time to start again:

Revelations from his pen!

So much talk of: LOVE ME TENDER + “Dear John Letters?” Return to Sender.

With a-fragrance on the card,

That simply says: “It is NOT hard,

To stay together for all time!”

This (pause)

Was from The Man of Rhyme,

Who said he “simply couldn’t leave,

So you will never have to grieve!”

“But HOW? – such promises can not be?!” She quickly countered;

“I don’t SEE! ( 🙂 ) How we can be FOREVERMORE!”


He’s there, outside her door!

She opened to his cheeky face, and they did share a long embrace!

He whispered words of hope and joy:

“I AM your own forever boy!

Because we have no real control,

Forevermore is in your ‘soul!’

Forevermore will always be,

‘Tis G.od’s U.nfinished S.ymphony!

Love’s forever,

IF you’ll see:

That this ol’ World’s fallacy,

Presents itself to us as Real,

Just don’t “buy-in”-to-every-’heel,’

Who preaches ‘Hell’s Uncertainty,’

Approach all things with joyful glee,

IF you will lose IT in my eyes,

You’ve got a wonderful surprise!

The world you’re taught is tough and hard,

Is Malleable,


And love just squishes, like a bunch,

Of Jello that we had for lunch!

The moment that you say, ‘GOOD-BYE,’

I say: ‘HELLO!’ “

“Well, My, Oh, My!”

fin. ❤