“SPECIAL TOO” a.k.a.: “Charming Ma(i)d” Dec. 20, 2017 (Odin)

I dressed for bed; I combed my hair,

I took a bath – and said a prayer.

My sleep was long and deep and pure.

I woke, with loving YOU in there!

The night BEFORE, I drank and s – – – – – d,

A couple girls, who were rude!

That night, I dreamed of spiders – oo!

And witches – warlocks – how ‘bout you!

When we go out, we wash and dress,

And do NOT leave ourselves a mess!

Because, we know, at special times,

We want to groom and pace our rhymes.


IF you – disheveled – plop your “heap,”

Upon the bed – with dreams to bear,

Your state betrays that you don’t care!

Why-not-prepare for SPECIAL DREAMS?

When you retire,

Seek Heavenly Streams!

Seek angels, gods and high vibrations,

To bless your slumber with libations,

Finest drink and food for you,

Who-has-prepared YOUR BEING, Special too.

Receive a bless and not a curse,

Do-not-make “the sow” much worse:

But – dress your pig in fine array,

And choose to seek another day of Joy & Peace & Tender Kiss,

These are things you should not miss.


Your sleep you well receive,

Respect Your Slumber,

Find relieve(f)!

Put on fine music; wash each part,

Of-your-dear-body – Smile and start,

To drift away to DREAMS DIVINE,

Where there awaits – A VALENTINE.

fin. ❤ ?

P. S.

Dress in-

“Ball Attire!”

You might find,

“Prince (or Princess) Charming” MIND! 🙂