“EVERYBODY (even angels!) NEEDS SOMEBODY (to hold)!”

Everybody – ohh, yea, Everybody (pause)

We all need “a squeeze!”

And Everybody needs –

Someone to appease!

To hold And to vibrate! With a towel in-between!

It’s the most beautiful thing – I’ve ever seen!

Good timing! With vibration – And-there’s-shaking-too!

Kissing and hugging for us –

Me and you!

Over against you, tight, close & true!

Comfortable –

Comforting! I MUST hold YOU!

Over & Under


Smelling Your Flesh!

It is – so wonderful – that-we-two-”mesh!”

We are a “fit,” good, In many a-ways!

Blessed & Happy, All of our days!

And, when we go out, well, I’ll hold your hand, And The passersby – they,

Will then understand!

That we are together, with no great control,

You, A deep pool – around The May Pole!

You’re beautiful – And vibrant!

“You’re a hell-u-va man!” She says,

It’s my lover!

We haven’t a plan!

Except: To just CLING A LOT –

Hug & To kiss!

And, when we’re apart, we don’t even miss! I can not miss you,

For you’re close to me,

Here, in my heart, And, There, in your V! 🙂

fin. ❤