Watch “Goodbye My Friends (Sad Song)” on YouTube

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: [This, just in!] “It was announced today that, on any given day, your chances of dying are, like, really, really small, so it’s probably NOT gonna be today! Plus, on any day YOU THINK you’re gonna die, the odds are like, teensy-weensy, that you’ll actually die then! Plus, death may not actually be
real; your apparent death may just be what it appears to be to the so-called people that are ‘left behind,’ who will not exist within your framework of consciousness the moment you apparently ‘check out’ and may not actually exist in the first place! So, like, who cares if Trump is The President! And there might be a sale on beer at The Porters on 5th Street! So, like, am I even here? Gotta go pick up Vance now – he needs something at the store! Bye!” The Mystic Poet.


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