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“NO PROBLEM! Since I met you!” a.k.a.: “It’s OK, Honey!” 🙂 Sunday Dec 10th

Reminder: The 3:00 P. M. Sul Ross Christmas Concert! TODAY! Sunday! Marshall Auditorium! Whoopee-doo!

A big hairy ape – climbed into my home!

Grabbed me – and kissed me – with some mouth juice like foam!!

I ran outta my house, yelling a lot!

But THE BIG APE pursued me – and grabbed me.


But really, not really, ‘cause that ape was so strong!


Before very long:

We were back in the house – and –

We were in bed!!

Under the covers!

Then, the ape said:

“You know, I am magic! And each hair you pluck {no, I am not using THAT word}

Gives you a wish – it will grant you good luck!

Now, my problems are history – all problems gone!

With my big, hairy ape – and The Ape’s name is BON!*

fin. ❤

*: The ape is very GOOD! 🙂


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