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“HERE’S TO {thoughts of} THE AFTERLIFE!” December 11, 2017 {Moon’s Day}

Years ago, I joined-with-some-members – To-be with some “like-minded” souls,

So, when-we-all-become-”dying embers,”

In Heaven, we’d be a-heap-o’-good-coals!

Now that I am somewhat older, “MEMBERSHIP” is great to see!

And I am glad for Heavenly hopes and glad to see some harm-on-ee!

Heaven? Hell? Well, they’re right nice! Giving all a “pearl of – price,”

Yet, not GREAT price do I see –

But a-way – to DIS -disharmony!

‘Cause, when they think, they’ll get reward,

Many work for more accord!

And Peter, of The Golden Gate, will welcome them and call them “Mate!”

Heaven? Hell? I’m not concerned,

‘Cause too-many-times have I been “burned,”

To believe what others like to preach,

I’ve also got some things to teach, like:

Smile &



Cuss –

Just A Little!

And don’t think this is just a riddle!


Here and Now is Heaven-to-me – and also Hell, for I can see:

Demon Folks, like you and me,

making life a misery,

And, then, regretting “bad”-thought-and-deed,

So, try to-be nice!

For THAT I’ll plead.

fin. ❤