In the 1990s, several governments evaluated the effects of dental amalgam and concluded that the most likely health effects would be due to hypersensitivity or allergy. Germany, Austria, and Canada recommended against placing amalgam in certain individuals such as pregnant women, children, those with renal dysfunction, and those with an allergy to metals. In 2004, the Life Sciences Research Officeanalyzed studies related to dental amalgam published after 1996 and concluded that mean urinary mercury concentration (μg of Hg/L in urine, HgU) was the most reliable estimate of mercury exposure. It found that those with dental amalgam were unlikely to reach the levels where adverse effects are seen from occupational exposure (35 μg HgU). Some 95% of study participants had μg HgU below 4-5. Chewing gum, particularly for nicotine, along with more amalgam, seemed to pose the greatest risk of increasing exposure. One gum-chewer had 24.8 μg HgU. Studies have shown that the amount of mercury released during normal chewing is extremely low. It concluded that there was not enough evidence to support or refute many of the other claims such as increased risk of autoimmune disorders, but stated that the broad and nonspecific illness attributed to dental amalgam is not supported by the data.Mutter in Germany, however, concludes that “removal of dental amalgam leads to permanent improvement of various chronic complaints in a relevant number of patients in various trials.”



“APRICOT VANILLA CREME TEA” Saturday December 9, 2017 🙂

Yes, my love, have a cup o’ tea!

You might be the best thing – ever happened to me!

You might just find – I am too =

The best-worst thing that ever happened to you!

And you to me,

And, perhaps, you’ll see,

How many tears –

There will be!

But, life’s “a hoot,” an “interest trip,”

And, perhaps, you’ll find –

IF you don’t skip,

This journey, and –

You take my hand,


fin. ❤

Watch “Mental breakdown” on YouTube

We endevour through this blogg to share inspiration what you are feeling is treatable regardless how trapped in your nightmare you are.

Over the following weeks keep an open mind .

Knowing just how confused you are there is a solution just for you to .

One fix will not work for you. You are uniquely designed as beautiul, only one of you exists on earth.


First few pages of a diary, entitled: “Diary of a Madman!” A –
G, with “H” being page 1 of this diary. Perhaps, it is NOT for the “faint of heart!” Be forewarned! Say a prayer . . . and . . . begin . . . or . . . not! 🤐 and . . . remember: “IF someone comes up to you and starts eating on your brains, don’t get too concerned! because: (1) Keeping your brains is a way over-rated thing; and (2) It really is NOT a big deal! . . . it’s a small thing . . . just like your brain!” Besides, zombies need to eat . . . we can help! or not! OK? 🤐

If we love all the zombies {AND – everyone IS a zombie!} . . . we can make the World a “better place,” whatever the heck that means! Who even knows! Perhaps, Trump . . . but, then again, Trump’s a zombie. But, so am I . . .so . . . we have lots in common. Since we have SO MUCH in common . . . perhaps he would like to share his wife . . . or his . . . daughter . . . . what’s her name again? Is it: Paris? I love Paris . . . in The Springtime! 🙂 Dang, it’s still winter, isn’t it! 🤐


“HONEY!” 12/07/2017 (THURSDAY)


Be safe! Be seck-yeure!

Oh! MY GOD! A Bee! And-put-down-that beer!

‘Cause beer’s got ADDITIVES! Brimming over the top!


And the gluten won’t stop!






Hypo(or er) thermia!

Don’t-get-too-cold – Oh, NO!

Cousin Germ-amia!

Quick! Now!

The Bed!-Under!-Quick!

I-wrapped-myself-with-bubble-wrap – clear wrap was our “pick!”

I crawled under there! and

“Here! Take this tube!

It-extends-into-the-back-yard, so-air-can-flow-to-you!”

“Stay there-For God’s sake! Don’t breathe! -or-I mean- DO!!!!!

BUT-only-through-this-tube –

I got it!


{Take a breath! BUT … only through the tube, OK? Thanks!}

Now, Jesus Christ was in the room! Looking on – on “the sly!”

And, as I “hunkered” under there, I started for to cry!

Honey Jesus, peeked-beneath-the-sheet and smiled a “bloody” smile,

“Why don’t cha come outta there, and we’ll chat here for a while!?”

So, I unwrapped and poked my head, and told Him that I wasn’t dead,

But wanted myself just to preserve,

‘Cause things-re-dangerous, crazy-in-a-curve!

And Jesus told me to HATE MY LIFE! {What?} Which, I think, is in The Bible!

Which means, He said, to “go ‘OUT THERE,’ and jump and scream some libel!

And “take a chance” and get some sun, and eat a pork chop on the run,

And smile and sing and hug around,

‘Cause Heaven’s se-cure – To The Ground!

I thanked HIM kindly, He-said-”AVOID-THE-FRIGHT!”



“Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-And-Have-A-Good-Night!” 🙂 “Santa Rocks!” The Mystic Poet.

fin. ❤