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“EXPERIMENT FOR ETERNITY!” December 7, 2017 Thursday.

Can You really? (pause)

Fall In Love? (long pause)

IF you really, really do,

I think I’ve come up with a way –

To KNOW your love is True.

IF your Love is “so & so,”

It CAN be SO intense –

It-can titillate your passion – and “rock” you off “your fence,”



By “real,” I mean (pause)

That kind The Elders found,

With-a-certain-man-they-crucified, who made them hear “The Sound!”

That sort of Love – I mean (pause)

It’s activated when,

You touch “The Stone” of Blarney – or – bless The Lion’s Den!

When Love doth make YOU “Re(e)al,”

You love so deep (pause)


You’ve found your Best Beloved,

You’ve, suddenly, struck “The Gold!”

And, all around, in EVERY face

And EVERYthing you see,

You taste of

Love &

Hope &


You Love Eternally!

fin. ❤