ANGEL VOICE!” Re-member! December 8, 2017 {Friday} “In The Snow – In Bed!”

My Lover, She will fall asleep – She’ll fall asleep for me!

My Lover, She will fall asleep – And snore – so beaut-if-lee! 🙂

It is the sweetest sound I know; I listen on & on –

And – Then, I did remember,

A graceful, little faun,

Who once appeared to me in dream,

And said to mark THIS SOUND!

I never did know what it was,

Or where it might be found!

(long pause)

To find such beauteous melody, I searched a lot, but, then, gave up!

I had no faith that in this world, I’d ever find a-“Melodious Cup!”

But, after long and careful search, I found IT in your bed,

The sound-of-angel-voices,

“Snoring off” your head! 🙂

fin. ❤