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“HAPPY GUY!” To: All of us that just know {or hope} that we have “made it!” Well, here’s news: Everyone already has … made it, that is! So:

I’m an anti-social guy, but I won’t run – and-here-is-why:

‘Cause I AM here – AND – I was not – and I AM there –

Oh, Wow! So what!

I “got stuff down;” I done it good –

I’ve “elevated!” I-knew-I-would –

If I just energize my-aura,


With A pure hora!

I am not negative – I ACCEPT my being!

Now, my “eyes” is really seein’!

My Mother?

Negative and mean! {Just kidding, Francis, Alice, Jan & Jennifer – Calm down!}

I’ve gone past her – The-best-I-ever-seen!

I tap and dance – I tap dance too!

I’ve stopped me whimpering! How ‘bout you?

I’m laughing!


Focused A LOT!

Don’t let “bad” people – steal what I got!

I’m on my way –

To: Places Unknown!

To find Happy Folks!

My mind


Whoopee-doo = fin. ❤