Never Beyound Repair

“BROKEN(?) SOUNDS!” Wednesday: 12/06/2017.


Just “Wounded Instruments!” (but) Never-beyond-repair!

Not really-worse-or-better, Whether spring-ed, percuss-ed or air!

We all change (our) sounds, yes, over time,

But, still got rhythm – with some rhyme!

(Slow down the rhythm, now!!)

A note here! A note there!

The Maestro, well, s(he) doesn’t care!*

(OK, up-to-tempo-now!)

We can all, maybe,

Make a little sound,

If we try –


A Tear, I’ve Found!

And Music –

Is just: ‘SOUNDS WE LIKE!”

From: Jack & Margaret

& Chelsea & Mike …

fin. ❤

*: Actually, The Maestro’s just “tickled pink” that we even try! 🙂

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