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THE PLEDGE!” a.k.a.: “Just SAY IT!” 🙂 December 6, 2017: Odin’s Day …

I pledge allegiance,

To The-Beloved,

The ONE Whom I adore!

My Best Friend,

Main Squeeze,

And Soulmate!

Be-Loved to “The Core!”

First and foremost obligation, Borne out of Our Love:

And-so, I pledge – forevermore,Gazing up above!

‘Twas Jason’s quirk that lost Medea,

He turned to others!


His witch-y woman, she took off,

Cursing boys and men!

Devotion’s what it’s all about, Find your partner; spurn the doubt!

Focus, surely, on “The Prize,”

It’s waiting in Your Lover’s eyes! 🙂

fin. ❤

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“HAPPY GUY!” To: All of us that just know {or hope} that we have “made it!” Well, here’s news: Everyone already has … made it, that is! So:

I’m an anti-social guy, but I won’t run – and-here-is-why:

‘Cause I AM here – AND – I was not – and I AM there –

Oh, Wow! So what!

I “got stuff down;” I done it good –

I’ve “elevated!” I-knew-I-would –

If I just energize my-aura,


With A pure hora!

I am not negative – I ACCEPT my being!

Now, my “eyes” is really seein’!

My Mother?

Negative and mean! {Just kidding, Francis, Alice, Jan & Jennifer – Calm down!}

I’ve gone past her – The-best-I-ever-seen!

I tap and dance – I tap dance too!

I’ve stopped me whimpering! How ‘bout you?

I’m laughing!


Focused A LOT!

Don’t let “bad” people – steal what I got!

I’m on my way –

To: Places Unknown!

To find Happy Folks!

My mind


Whoopee-doo = fin. ❤

Never Beyound Repair

“BROKEN(?) SOUNDS!” Wednesday: 12/06/2017.


Just “Wounded Instruments!” (but) Never-beyond-repair!

Not really-worse-or-better, Whether spring-ed, percuss-ed or air!

We all change (our) sounds, yes, over time,

But, still got rhythm – with some rhyme!

(Slow down the rhythm, now!!)

A note here! A note there!

The Maestro, well, s(he) doesn’t care!*

(OK, up-to-tempo-now!)

We can all, maybe,

Make a little sound,

If we try –


A Tear, I’ve Found!

And Music –

Is just: ‘SOUNDS WE LIKE!”

From: Jack & Margaret

& Chelsea & Mike …

fin. ❤


*: Actually, The Maestro’s just “tickled pink” that we even try! 🙂

Watch “AL STEWART “Time Passages”” on YouTube

The SECRET to getting:

“BACK IN SHAPE!” a.k.a.: “Shifty Times!” December 6, 2017. Wednesday …

Karaoke is TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, at The Railroad Blues, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. – December 6th!! … whoopee-doo! 🙂

“I need to get back in shape!” Her wish and desire.

“I been ‘loafing’ ‘round-for-3-months! Too much ‘retire!’“

“It should take ‘bout 6 months, give or take, to get in shape, for goodness sake!”

SO IT ONLY TOOK 6 weeks (or less!)! “What’s with that?”

So, I-went to the doctor, Doctor Benjamin Bratt!

Doc told me, “Changes came –

Different dimensions – not the same –

For-time-to-rebound! or do other stuff! –

New dimensions cut time! NO BLUFF!

You see, no one was ‘progressing!’ Heaven was bleak!

So, “God” – decided –

To Send “Mr. Meek!”

He came and went – and changed the stars!

So THIS SHIFT has hit, just past Mars!

It hit, RIGHT HERE, and-now –

Things’re wild!

With dimensional shifting!



IF you – just relax – through the bumps and the grind,

You ‘elevate’ in consciousness; you get a new mind!

Your body’s stronger!

Your awareness?

More complete!

And you vibrate-a-bit-differently,

From your head to your feet!

So, my lovely darling, your ‘re-cup’ time

Is-a much shorter!”

Well, that ends the rhyme!

❤ fin.

P. S.: In shifty times, just “hold on,” (pause) Because (pause) It don’t take much strain!

Just laugh and sing and smile a lot – and KNOW … you

{pick one} (1) are; (2) are not … INSANE! {Both answers are correct! 🙂 }

P. P. S.: In shifty times, don’t cry too much – you’ll be OK!

This announcement? From “Out There!!” Riding