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“ABOUT HER VOICE!” a.k.a.: “Her Words Are A Love Song!” last day of November 2017 … .

My Lover (pause)
Claims (pause)
She can not sing,
But, my Beloved has a special thing:
Always like a song!
I listen to IT –
All Day Long!
Her Voice?
An Orgasm!
Gets Me High!
I do not need to wonder why!
It’s-because I feel the Love within –
Her voice, beyond all time and sin –
From Maharishi’s * Store of Treasure:
“Marry her voice – it’s full of pleasure!
Hold her tight and listen long,
To loving words: They are ‘God’s Song!’ ”

*: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was an Indian guru, the founder of the TM ** Meditation Technique, which is used by Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand & a host of other celebrities, including the famous British pop band “The Beatles!” Maharishi also started a college in the United States called M. I. U. (Maharishi International University)

It is now known as M. U. M. (the Maharishi University of Management)
** : Transcendental Meditation.

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