“HOW TO TELL!” 12/02/2017 (Saturday) 🙂

So many questions,
So much to fear,
How to be certain,
IF you are sincere!
Have been so “burned,”
So much in the past;
How can I know,
IF this love will last?

Only one way –
Under the sun,
To know if this feeling,
IF – with it, you’ll run –
And, it’s quite easy –
Because – IF sincere,
I’ll know very soon,
I’ll know, oh, my Dear,

‘Cause, IF it’s for real,
IF dreams do come true –
You’ll be here quite soon,
Because my love’s true ❤
So “gird up your loins,”
And take a deep sigh:
I’ll be in your arms,
Before you can cry.

fin. ❤