My Love

“MY LOVE – YOUR PUNISHMENT!” a.k.a.: “Submissivity!” December 3, 2017 Sunday.

You’re Punishing,



Although in jest!

Yet, I know!

She sometimes feels – the love we have,


‘Tis a salve,

That heals our bodies, souls & hearts:

“My Love, PLEASE – Love me!

Fire your ‘darts!’

Bleed me; feed me!”

Angel Accord!

I love her so – are-we-too-”’forward?”

When we indulge, to such extent?

No, I just know,

You’re Heaven-sent! ❤

fin. ?

P. S. : And NOTHING do we do that’s wrong, IF, with-a-sigh, we’ll sing this song:

Of passion, hope & gracefulness; I’ll never punish any less! ❤