“NO FORCE NECESSARY!” December 3, 2017: SUN

A saying

I remember {pause}

About-an-horse and

A pool!

You can lead him there,


Not-unlike a mule,


That he just won’t drink!

Well, my lovely darling,

Well, this

I do think:

I will never lead you – to some drinking well!

No “forced manuveurs!”

This, I do tell {pause}

So, you will know, IF you’re not pleased with me,

I simply must wait {pause}

Most pat-i-ent-ly {pause}

For, I’ve nowhere to go {pause}

I’ve said it before,

I’m through with the seeking –


Moral: When you find your sweet Heaven, the highest and best, it simply suppresses, {pause} all of the rest! ❤

fin. ❤


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