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“ABOUT HER VOICE!” a.k.a.: “Her Words Are A Love Song!” last day of November 2017 … .

My Lover (pause)
Claims (pause)
She can not sing,
But, my Beloved has a special thing:
Always like a song!
I listen to IT –
All Day Long!
Her Voice?
An Orgasm!
Gets Me High!
I do not need to wonder why!
It’s-because I feel the Love within –
Her voice, beyond all time and sin –
From Maharishi’s * Store of Treasure:
“Marry her voice – it’s full of pleasure!
Hold her tight and listen long,
To loving words: They are ‘God’s Song!’ ”

*: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was an Indian guru, the founder of the TM ** Meditation Technique, which is used by Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand & a host of other celebrities, including the famous British pop band “The Beatles!” Maharishi also started a college in the United States called M. I. U. (Maharishi International University)

It is now known as M. U. M. (the Maharishi University of Management)
** : Transcendental Meditation.



Thanks so much, George – glad you like the artwork. Actually, I have a caged monkey down in the basement! He does all the art . . . I just tell him: “Bombo, paint, Bombo, brush, Bombo, brush!” IF he acquiesces to my requests, I get some paintings . . . and Bombo gets bananas! I have the artwork framed . . . and . . . the rest is history. Monkeys are really pretty talented, IF they are motivated to work! Kind of like Italian women! Speaking of Italian, I was going to do a karaoke version of “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert for karaoke at the local bar this evening. IF you can reach Allyson, to have her come record it, I would be SO appreciative! Of course . . .she WILL NOT come . . . because she is mean!

I’m just kidding, George! (1) Allyson is actually VERY NICE; (2) There is NO Bombo; and (3) Italian women are perfect – everyone knows that! However, I AM going to try to do the karaoke version of “Ave Maria,” IF they will let me . . . AND . . . hopefully, George Michael’s song “I Want Your Sex!” I thought it would create a nice balance. Of course, I think life is really all about balance. It is like the famous Zen Master Suzuki Roshi would tell devotees, after they completed an especially difficult, yet enlightening meditation experience: “Now, scumbags, go clean the toilets!” When Roshi told ME that, I kicked him in the groin and said: “I quit!” He said: “It’s about time, you stupid American – you should have quit months ago . . . you are just so stupid . . . anyone could tell that you were teaching me more than I was teaching you . . . and vice-versa, whatever the heck that means!” I humbly prostrated to The Master . . . and gave him a karate punch to his balls really hard. The bastard never even flinched . . .he just smiled . . . and said: “Your punch is weak! You need more training!” I stayed a couple more days . . .and left, after leaving itching powder on the tips of the nails in his bed! I got a letter bomb, sent to me several months later. Surprise, Roshi! The letter was sent to a post office box, belonging to my ex-wife! 🙂

Lord I Hope This Day Is Short?

This was caught on video tape last night at The Railroad Blues, for their “karaoke night!” An interesting version of Don Williams’ “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Short, I mean, GOOD!” The guy singing, nicknamed “Tiny,” is a local painter & poet. It is rumored that this same goofball is going to try to perform for Alpine’s “Open Mic Night,” Saturday, 7:00 P. M., at The Cedar Coffee & Supply shop, across from Trans-Pecos Bank, on Avenue E, corner of “E” and 5th Street. Be there! Aloha! 🙂


“HOW TO TELL!” 12/02/2017 (Saturday) 🙂

So many questions,
So much to fear,
How to be certain,
IF you are sincere!
Have been so “burned,”
So much in the past;
How can I know,
IF this love will last?

Only one way –
Under the sun,
To know if this feeling,
IF – with it, you’ll run –
And, it’s quite easy –
Because – IF sincere,
I’ll know very soon,
I’ll know, oh, my Dear,

‘Cause, IF it’s for real,
IF dreams do come true –
You’ll be here quite soon,
Because my love’s true ❤
So “gird up your loins,”
And take a deep sigh:
I’ll be in your arms,
Before you can cry.

fin. ❤


Over the next few months we

Will be publishing a manuscript

Of a very personal journey of a True BROKEN Soul

All PAGES have been taken from this journal gifted to mydaz to share their nightmare

These pages are so raw

Some may make you cry, feel desperately sad.

Perhaps you are the next victim of the universe’s hell

Let these weeks of readings inspire you, to be comforted in the joys of finding self

Comments are welcome..

We give praise for the Anonymous Writer.


Watch “Michael Bolton – When a Man Loves a Woman” on YouTube


“THE TRUTH!” a.k.a.: “About Me And You!” December 3, 2017 Sunday.

It’s true,

It’s true,

It’s true – (take a deep breath!)



From the bottoms of my toes,

To the tippy-top of my head,

I think, my darling, Providence has led –

Me to You


You to Me,



A-finished-and-unfinished (pause)


I see your face – I hear your voice,

there is no doubt, you are my

Choice – Please kiss me

Hold me,

Love me long,

You are THE ONE – who’ll keep me strong!

fin. ❤

My Love

“MY LOVE – YOUR PUNISHMENT!” a.k.a.: “Submissivity!” December 3, 2017 Sunday.

You’re Punishing,



Although in jest!

Yet, I know!

She sometimes feels – the love we have,


‘Tis a salve,

That heals our bodies, souls & hearts:

“My Love, PLEASE – Love me!

Fire your ‘darts!’

Bleed me; feed me!”

Angel Accord!

I love her so – are-we-too-”’forward?”

When we indulge, to such extent?

No, I just know,

You’re Heaven-sent! ❤

fin. ?

P. S. : And NOTHING do we do that’s wrong, IF, with-a-sigh, we’ll sing this song:

Of passion, hope & gracefulness; I’ll never punish any less! ❤


“NO FORCE NECESSARY!” December 3, 2017: SUN

A saying

I remember {pause}

About-an-horse and

A pool!

You can lead him there,


Not-unlike a mule,


That he just won’t drink!

Well, my lovely darling,

Well, this

I do think:

I will never lead you – to some drinking well!

No “forced manuveurs!”

This, I do tell {pause}

So, you will know, IF you’re not pleased with me,

I simply must wait {pause}

Most pat-i-ent-ly {pause}

For, I’ve nowhere to go {pause}

I’ve said it before,

I’m through with the seeking –


Moral: When you find your sweet Heaven, the highest and best, it simply suppresses, {pause} all of the rest! ❤

fin. ❤


“2017-2018!” a.k.a.: “Them ‘Boys!” December 2017

A fire’s been lit, for The Cowboys, I say!

They’re gonna “burn up”


Go All-The-Way!

Just listen – Come on!

Listen, Today {December 3, 2017: Sunday}

I’m a-seeing “Super Sunday!”

Super Bowl!


I’m seeing

Lots-O’-Cowboys there;

Brandin’ some rear!

I’m seeing

Pretty Rings!

I’m bein’ quite sincere!

I’m seeing Cowboys’ banners,

Flying really high!

I see “The ‘Boys” in ‘sota;

And, yes, that is

No LI(e)!*

🙂 fin.

*It is Season 52, Sports’ Fans = L I I ! OK?


“PERFECT!” 11/25/2017 Saturday “Perfect, like beauty, is ‘in the eye of the beholder,’ and, My Love, to me, YOU ARE PERFECT! So there!” The Mystic Poet. 🙂

A perfect person’s Perfect (pause)

That’s-what I see in You]

Your-kiss is always perfect (pause)

It’s just – the way you do]

Every perfect thing (pause) – You’re perfect –

Through and through] – I never see

a fault – It’s really, really true!]

And I’m just sure – you – never try

To be “the perfect you-”

It’s just like “stepping off a curb:”

So easy! You’ve no clue – (pause)


Your touch is perfect / and / every

Time you coo] – PERFECT! Choice of words,

Every yawn – and – your – boo-hoo.

When she’ll touch my pout-y face- & – then one


“All better!”]

I’m so “taken“ with her


I have been, since I met-her!

Robert Frost’s “A Dream Pang”Robert Frost’s “A Dream Pang”

I had withdrawn in forest, and my song
Was swallowed up in leaves that blew alway;
And to the forest edge you came one day
(This was my dream) and looked and pondered long,
But did not enter, though the wish was strong:
You shook your pensive head as who should say,
I dare not—too far in his footsteps stray—
He must seek me would he undo the wrong
Not far, but near, I stood and saw it all
Behind low boughs the trees let down outside;
And the sweet pang it cost me not to call
And tell you that I saw does still abide
But ’tis not true that thus I dwelt aloof,
For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof.