β€œPERFECT!” 11/25/2017 Saturday β€œPerfect, like beauty, is β€˜in the eye of the beholder,’ and, My Love, to me, YOU ARE PERFECT! So there!” The Mystic Poet. πŸ™‚

A perfect person’s Perfect (pause)

That’s-what I see in You]

Your-kiss is always perfect (pause)

It’s just – the way you do]

Every perfect thing (pause) – You’re perfect –

Through and through] – I never see

a fault – It’s really, really true!]

And I’m just sure – you – never try

To be β€œthe perfect you-”

It’s just like β€œstepping off a curb:”

So easy! You’ve no clue – (pause)


Your touch is perfect / and / every

Time you coo] – PERFECT! Choice of words,

Every yawn – and – your – boo-hoo.

When she’ll touch my pout-y face- & – then one


β€œAll better!”]

I’m so β€œtakenβ€œ with her


I have been, since I met-her!