Do you often wonder why folk run from life

Is it possible that they are prisoners of opinions of others

Or do they run from discovering they don’t have the fortitude to face life head on and run with their dreams

Perhaps they place timetables on their lives to escape the consequences of failure.

In the wake of indescions or weakness of self worth continually sabotaging lives around them also.

If this is you, please a moment of thought for folk that hurt, are confused with your constant self inflicated past of personally perscieved grandeur of right from wrong

Many folk live lives of remorse after they finally understand, all to late what might have been

My Father was a man of wise words that resonated throughout my life when you sense that pending shift in a man’s or women’s demour, step back, never feel responsibility for actions that are uncomfortable to your mental well-being. If you are hurt, confused your intuition is kicking in sending you signs of impending control. You are never responsible for any reason to enable another human to place timelines and control any person’s happiness within .

You were blessed the day you were born with two blessings to sustain you through your journey in life, being Freedom and Hope. For these two ingredients will serve you well. Use them wisely.

We are the Masters of our own destiny, let no man steal your Freedom or Hope from you.

Believe you are uniquely qualified to live life fully.

Life is a gift, humanity for all living beings, creatures and plants is all our responsibility for the future of this wonderful planet, Earth.

Thought for the day: None of us are going to get out of this life ALIVE 😁

Mim Marshall