Imagine being totally free,
never wanting to own more,
happy with life as it is,
while you freely explore,

totally content in yourself,
no issues left of any kind,
free to feel all emotion,
no interference of the mind,

free from fear of any sort,
peacefully flowing through,
knowing you are protected,
in all you daily do,

no time constraint,
no need to control,
accepting life,
as it unfolds,

grateful to all that,
comes your way,
happy to be alive,
for yet another day,

knowing that all that happens,
is for your higher good,
and that each moment happens,
exactly the way it should,

imagine just being,
silently still,
trusting life,
to take you where it will,

totally graceful,
in every way,
celebrating life as you,
motion through your day,

you were born alone,
and alone you will go,
so have no attachments,
no things to hinder your flow,

be free from all,
that keep you from freedom,
it’s freedom you need,
to truly be living.