“STORY OF A KNIFE!” a poem. Once, I-really-was-so-depressed! And I had a real good knife! And I didn’t-know-what-to-do-with-it – ‘Cause, I feared I’d take my life! So, I took this knife – EXPENSIVE (pause) with a real, wooden shaft, And I “chunked it” in the dumpster, And I never even laughed! I just knew, that at that time, it didn’t make much sense, To-have such a sharp blade, when I-was-so-darned-tense! So, the moral of the story? Just do what you can! Do what ya need to, and be your own fan! P. S. : I kept me a plastic – knife, with a serrated side – And, ya know, it works just fine, to cut my veggies wide! 🙂