“USEFUL SYMBIOSIS!” a.k.a.: “Autonomic Breaths!”

“I am useless!” what she said.

As I lay with her in bed!

“NO, you’re NOT!” “Yes, it’s TRUE!” 🙂

And-so-we-wrestled, black and blue!!

“Yes, I AM – a useless ‘clutch!’

And I’ve been sleeping way too much!”

OK! Well … …

“Do you breathe?”

“What! You say!?”

“Do-you exhale – every-day?”

“Well, yes, Dear



So – what?”

“Well, CO2 – comes from your gut!

When you exhale, all plants sigh: ‘YES!

That girl’s helping us – she’s our bless …


To give us air to live!

And – our thanks to her we give!

She’s so useful – thank-you, girl –

YOU’RE OUR HERO – Flags unfurl,

In YOUR honor!”

And, now, my gal –

KNOWS she’s useful, she’s my pal!

Because she breathes, all plants can thrive!

And they give air –


So, I think, therefore, my lady doth save,

Everyone! And-for-her we rave!

She’s so usefull

She’s our salvation!

My woman’s so proud of her new found station!

She’s just like Jesus, a savior Divine,

And now – she is – so glad she’s mine!

Because NOW – when


She tells me she’s USEFUL –


fin. ❤


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