“YES, YOU ARE!” Sunday’s here! 11/26/2017 🙂 Happy Birthday Sunday!

Wife depressed? (pause)

Friends on drugs?

Mom’s upset? (pause)

Cats & bugs!

People seek your counsel – wise?

ONLY in their sorrowful eyes!!

Another shooting? Child abuse! Why keep going? What’s the use?

This is IT –

An answer – true?

To your question, Brother Blue:

Sister Scarlet – Father Chong!

My “brother’s keeper,” all day long –

Because, we’re all here,

In This Boat!

And need each other,

To “keep-afloat!”

So (long pause!!)

Put on your britches,

And-expect, at night,

To keep your Lover,

From too much fright!

Embrace “The World,”

Help Your Friends,


It Never Ends!

And those that doth despise you so,

Also give them a shimmering glow!

Smile kindly and hold their hand,

And try to help them make a stand,

To do the best they truly can,

A Brotherhood!

John Lennon’s “Man!”

fin. ❤