“IT’S ALL ABOUT ME – PLEASE ASK – I’LL TRY – FOR I LOVE – YOU!” poem for Sunday for you know who!

Now, IF I start to yell and rant, it’s ME whom it’s about –

I am so sorry, plug your ears and know I sometimes pout!

‘Cause this Ol’ World does not provide YOU with the gold and jewels,

“I” would like you to possess, so anger this fact fuels:

MY-incompetence drives me crazy, ’cause I can’t provide,

The best of house and cars and things – I want a perfect ride!

For YOU … and …everyone I know, and I don’t seem to say,

And do and think for you, My Love, so you can shout: “Hooray!”

I scrape along, I paint and sing, and poems I will employ,

But, when you’re sure that all is lost, PLEASE ASK THIS SILLY BOY,

To TRY to help to work things out – You know I’ll try my best –

A screaming, stupid, pout-y man – who’s oft a bloody pest!