“OBSERVE!” a.k.a.: “The Smallest Things Can Yield Great Blessings!” 11/19/2017

“Do-not waste a crumb,” She said; “that’s what Jesus say!”

“And-you will always have enough – all the live-long day!”

Jesus MIGHT-a said just that, wishing you be sate,

To clean your plate and always smile and never to be late!!

Perhaps though, as it turns out –

Are other meanings there?

Could-be an admonition,

For you to just beware –

Of taking tiny sparkles,

Even very small –

As, maybe, unimportant! {pause}

Please, now, heed the call!

From the smallest butterfly,


Ghost wings!

Just observe!

Most everything –

Blessings, they can bring!

fin. ❤