“HAPPY GIRL – BOY – US – YOU – ME!” { another commentary on the subject of seriousness! 🙂 } ❤ M 10/09/2017 Monday, Monday … a.k.a.: “Monday Might Not Be As Bad As You Think!”

“Be serious – things’re serious,” she said, through eyes of pain.

She was so responsible! 😨 that it might 🌧️!

Sometimes the-mostly-serious give us lessons we might learn,

And serious is SO important! The 🌍 takes a turn!

Alan Watts, who was concerned, gave talks about THAT state,

“Be sincere,” he said instead! “Serious-is-not-that-great!”

Because, perhaps, the silly (pause) is not so very bad,

As long as not “mean-spirited,” ‘cause that could make folks 😔!

Try sincere, not serious, and you can still get by!

A little bit of humor – with so much to make us 😭!

Try sincere, silly! (pause) Life is hard, I think,

With all the ser-i-ous concerns, they-can put us on “The Brink!”

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