“AT THE BOOK STORE” a.k.a.: “Book Lovers” November 18, 2017*

Here we are – SURROUNDED! Here, with all our friends,

Clustered here together –

Lots of old bookends!

Angels &


Magic &


Paper &

Bindings –

For Miles and Miles!

Me with my Sweetie!

And she with her cup!

Of coffee, we’re sipping –

Just sipping it up!

Waiting and watching,

But, my eye’s in her hair!

I’m thinking:


As she starts to stare!

And –


I notice

A Glint In Her Eye!

It’s the fine look of LOVE –

So, we say our:


fin. ❤

*: The second big, full day of ARTWALK here in Alpine! Don’t forget to stop by FRONT STREET BOOKS, across Holland Avenue from The Kishmish Building! AND REMEMBER: 402 Holland Avenue, across from The Porters Grocery on 2nd Street! THE Art Exhibit we’ve all been waiting for: THE NEW SUNSHINE HOUSE, in The Old Christian School. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTeaUapAosc&list=RDnTeaUapAosc

Kisses! ❤