šŸ’™ Consider the possibility that there is something that might be termed “another spirit,” one which appears to be genuinely loving, and, yet, “comes, in the night,” proclaiming its transcendence of all earthly wiles, declaring that IT knows The Truth . . . and can censor whatever It wishes. {see, e.g., 2 Cor. 11:4} It has happened times before, with Hitler’s “book burnings,” “Prohibition” in America, religious intolerance, such as “The Crusades,” and a host of less known, but equally demanding, sentiments! Ain’t life grande! Ain’t TRUTH sacred?! “What is Truth,” retorted Pilate, filled with “the spirit and sentiment of his culture and political ideologies.” See, John 18:38! {P. S. The Mystic Poet is not responsible for any of this “claptrap,” obviously put here by “subversive elements!” And The Poet openly declares his/her/its absolute ignorance, being in the presence of “All Those That KNOW The Truth!” L. O. L. Amen. ā¤

ā€œPOOR!? NO!ā€ a.k.a.: ā€œDirty Painting!ā€ November 14th! {Twoā€™s – Day!} The Womenā€™s Baptistā€™s Suffering League was ā€œon my case,ā€ I do believe! And Facebook-notices, once again, Declared that I was…

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