“IT’S HEAVEN HERE, IN BED WITH YOU!” a.k.a.: “Yummy Magic!” 11/14/2017

When-I-get in bed, all soft and warm,
I’m covered up – I’m free from harm!
It is so nice; I feel so good!
I get to sleep and dream!
I should,
Stay here, quite long, and roll around,
It is a pleasant place I’ve found!

Yet, Honey, when you’re HERE,
with ME.
The bed, transformed –
New joys I see.
The bed, which once was (an) earthly type –
It is transformed
to-a Heavenly Light!
Suddenly-Dear, I need not die,
To find Nirvana in the SKY.
It is right here!
No place to go –
To supersede some worldly woe!
A simple math equation, NOW:

YOU + BED = Heaven’s Tao!

fin. ❤