“NEVER CHANGE” Monday is almost finished: November 13, 2017

NEVER CHANGE! ‘Cause you’re perfect NOW,

So, Never Change –

Don’t ask me how!



Unless I’m forced! From Red to Blue,

From This to That,

From Black to White,

I’ll NEVER change – and I won’t fight


IT comes,

When I’m asleep!

I’ll never change!

I’m in TOO DEEP!

BUT – change could come – slow or fast,

Perhaps, based-on-a-person’s-”past!”

IF you’re “entrenched” – in love with “X,”

Perhaps, your love of her/him/it – becomes a hex!

To-delay-change, that might come quick,

But “God” does not want us – all sick!

So, change comes slow, or, maybe, hard!

IF you are “open,” take ANY CARD!

Even one, with-no-chance to win!

Take a card! Of Hate Or Sin!

And see what develops in your “hand;”

The hourglass is FILLED with sand.

“I’ll NEVER change – unless I do!

And Change HAS come –

For, I Love You!” ❤

fin. ❤

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