“THE SAFETY FACTOR!” a.k.a.: “SAFETY FIRST, The Best Prescription!” November 14, 2017

“Safety First!” Our government’s motto,

John Q. Public – NOW – Mr. Roboto!

“Safety First!” EAT REAL WELL!

GMOs are, oh, so swell!

DO NOT FEAR! “IT’s” under control!

OUR military’s “on patrol!”

“And, if we need to – YOU’re ‘next in line!’“

Cyber-Police-gotcha! Every time!

“Safety First!”

Wear special goggles!

Infra Rays!

Your Mind –

Trump boggles!

“Rats” and “Sheep!” We’ll herd you up!

Drink-eth – from – our “loving cup!”

“Safety First!”

Replete with Fear!

From all the news WE let you hear!

“Your” Government: “Yes, WE’re In Charge –

To drive YOU bonkers! You’re ‘at-large!’”

“Don’t you fear! Unless we say:

‘Fear a lot!’ – and rue the day –

That-you’re-ever OUTSIDE THE BOX,

We’ve erected – Hold your cox!*

‘Cause your basketballs,

We’ve well in hand!

It is – a glorious, promised land!

What-FREE-means-now – WE will describe:

SAFETY FIRST! = What WE prescribe!” fin. ❤

*: your communications’ leader! Cox Communications, Sandy Springs, Georgia