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Check out Dashlane

All my personal data at hand for instant shopping, logging in, registering anywhere. Try it:

Sick and tried of passwords and Codes.

I use Dashline Free.

I was always being hacked, many days several times a day, Google sending notifications my password required changing.

Drove me crazy, losing valuable time.

Pulling my hair out from the roots .

Personally I think that made me a narcotic sci-fi maniac. Knowing that cyber security awareness training was a way of life. Did the training classes help me, NO, LIFE was more complicated already.

That’s when I decided to give up this idiot’s life.

Trashed every Cyber item in sight.

After a year of freedom from all the cyberspace things pushed you and me into cyber full throttle.

Teleco tricked us by introducing 4g . There we were this time having to purchase new gear. Our mobiles were obsolete. RIPPED OFF AGAIN.

NBN must have, cause we were force again to throw our hard earned money at the new upgrade, leaving many poor folk bewildered out of pocket.

Google confused us with passwords, codes..Google the world’s biggest provider drives the market share up.

Social Media Companies controlled by Google would make you very nervous.

Most of you plus me are being compromised every day, sometimes 4 to 6 times a day . (Quick change your password from google!)

We look at our Bank Statement constantly through the day to find strange withdrawals sending us into panic mode. Banks have the highest security measures in to save clients being robbed, but the Banks and the Fraud Squad are up against all the Hacking thieves stealing all your families life.

This is called Cyber War against innocent folk. This is the future.

At the moment only several defence Apps on the market will protect your family and your mental stability.

If you think it will not happen to me, think again as you are the next victim .

I am continually on FACEBOOK begging ” close your timeline,” not to show off your friends. Hackers attack them first then you last. Stealing identity information that the they sell on to other thieves .

Your children’s lives must be protected, from monsters, Pedophiles grooming our children.

If you are unable to protect you and others from Cyber Criminals hire professional folk to advise you how and install protection against these morons!

To begin your protection we have supplied you all a Dashline App free.