“MAIN SQUEEZE!” a.k.a.: “BAD Stuff Happens! or Does IT Really?” 🙂 2017.

Feeling gay and happy?

Light and Breezy too?

Well, my dear, get over it!


“THEY” are the next, vile events,

And people “that” will thwart,

Your-”best-laid-plans, of mice and men,”

Just like some plantar’s wart!

YOU THINK that laughter and fine times, with sunshine on the beach,

Are-consistent-and-predictable! Well!

So is “the leach!”

I’m just saying: “Realize! ‘STUFF’ will always happen!”

You’re best bet? A “Main Squeeze!” A lover who is “rappin’!”

Rappin’, rappin’ on your door –

With smile, and

A Bouquet!

And, when that “bad stuff” comes around,

Just squeeze her (him) long – OK? 🙂

fin. ❤

Sometimes, you just NEED an “evil wo(man)!” 🙂 Whoopee-Doo!