A different era, nineteenth century woman, what does she see,

On a trip far away, sheโ€™ll travel across a country never before seen.

On a locomotive made of steel, roaring and whistling down the track,

A window seat will be the perfect spot for this adventure to a new land.

The things she would see along the way would be wonderful and a bit scary,

Across the land of wilderness, whatโ€™s out there, an Indian village at peace.

Wagon trains of travelers headed for that land of hope where they might prosper,

She sees towns that once were, slowly died and moved on to where life again was.

Passed by towns that were booming with life, men and women seeking their fortune,

She passed by towns where families worked the land, came together during hard times.

So much did she see, this woman from another century, she traveled a train.

Dedicated to Keith