George H.W. Bush: Hello all! I trust you have all heard about the White House and Mueller Investigation. Quite a rough time. Makes you really think! Paul Manafort is also in quite hot water! WoopsieDaisy! Love to all, GHWB.

George W. Bush: Dad — U dnt have 2 sign ur txtz. 🐙

Barack Obama: crazy time for sure! michelle and I just bought some good chi-town popcorn to snack on while we watch the news! LOL!
George W. Bush: UR RITE!!!1! lit. a tv show rn. LYYYYKE WTF TRUMP. u guys here me go after him lst week? naiiiillledddd it.
Bill Clinton: Hey everywhere! Whoa tartare this soup foodie Arrogant hatchet.
Barack Obama: bill, are you driving?
George H.W. Bush: Barack — why do you think he’s driving? Very fun observation. Cars have come a long way in the last century! Sincerely, GHWB
Barack Obama: speech to text! LOL.
Bill Clinton: Barry, yesterday merger mess.
Jimmy Carter: He.LLO.
George W. Bush: JC doesn’t seem to no how2 text yet. Behind the times!
Jimmy Carter: I.
Jimmy Carter: WHAT.
Jimmy Carter: IS.
Jimmy Carter: THAT.
Jimmy Carter: BARRY?
Jimmy Carter: FROM JIMMY.
George W. Bush: dude iz so lost! He is the best tho. we r talkingabt MULLER!!! NOT URANIUM! LOL no1 even knos what that shyyyt is about. Every1 needs2 chillll 1JK.Wtf is happening there tho. cant believe erryone thinks wh is insane!
Barack Obama: yeah. been a crazy week. manafort seemed pretty obvious though. i mean come on, the guy is a total crook! michelle and i have a mueller bingo game going. manafort was the freespace! LOL!
George W. Bush: U GUYZ LOL THTZ FUGGGGIN HILLLLARROUS THO. i just been paintinnnn tho. dnt give af abt gen kelly and hiz civvilll warrrr shyt. like. wtf is going on! WH wasn’t evene this cray-z when i wuz ther!!!!!1111.
George H.W. Bush: Barack, I respect you as a politician and a friend! Barbara and I have always had the strongest affinity towards you. Such a good speaker. Sincerely, GHWB
Bill Clinton: meat function and all goes sup
Jimmy Carter: WHO.
Jimmy Carter: IS.
Jimmy Carter: THIS?
Jimmy Carter: JIMMY
George H. W. Bush: Jimmy, This is a text group. Many presidents are on it. Just the US ones! Fun group. Love to see you soon. Been too long! You are all fantastic. Sincerely, GHWB
Barack Obama: this should have been a phone convo. gg. sasha calling.
George W. Bush: Send pics of your dogs BO!!!! 🐩 🐩 🐩 🐩 🐩 🐩 🐩 🐩
Barack Obama: will do later. michelle and i can’t wait to hang with you guys. when are we gonna just show up @ the wh and hang in the red room? would be super fun. see you all soon!
Bill Clinton: bye cursive see folder treats
George H. W. Bush: Addendum — I assume that you have heard about my groping allegations. I am sorry. Would like to apologize to each of you personally. The Office of President doesn’t give you that permission. Please send me your email addresses. I would like to send an e-card. Sincerely, GHWB
George W. Bush: LOL. @BILLLLLL????????????
Jimmy Carter: B
Jimmy Carter: Y
Kate Villa is currently the writers’ assistant at The President Show. She’s produced for UCBComedy and writes funny stuff and also other stuff. She does standup around New York and you can see more here: http://www.kate-villa.com
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