THINGS CAN ‘BREAK DOWN!’” a.k.a.: “How To Tell!” 11/01/2017 Wednesday
I talked with Troy – and he loves Sandy!*
The two, they seem to be quite dandy!
But lovers, sometimes, will have to fight,
To prove to others – they’re all right!
Some things break down and some build up,
Some people find their “loving cup!”

If you-are-looking for Mr. Right,
Or seeking HER – with loving light.
I think I’ll tell you how to know,
IF you have found – the perfect beau,
Or-the-perfect gal – Your life’s complete!
A girl who – you “can not beat!”

Just wait for her (him) – to say, “Boo-hoo,
I can not live with-out-a-you!” 🙂 Yay