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“THE FEAR OF LIVING AND LOSING YOU!” a.k.a.: “Kiss Now; Kiss Then!” 10/26/2017 {Thursday}

Perhaps we ARE eternal, but I don’t really know!

It seems this “mortal coil” is timed, some day, to go.

There WAS a time, BEFORE WE MET, where living didn’t matter,

But it does NOW, and I’m concerned – this body just might tatter.

My fragile, silly, waking state is filled with thoughts of you,

I’d wish that we might live forever – so-whatever-shall-we-do?

I’d wish: Regeneration! Possible for me,

But only if you too could heal – Prolong your Mimicry!

Suddenly, that Easter morn! Has much more fine appeal,

And other stories of long life – with the “eternal seal!”

Of staying “young,”

The Heart and Soul,

And holding hands –

For all I know –

We’ll never meet or greet or kiss,

And those fine things I’d dearly miss.

“Le Sigh,” a mantra I am apt,

To breathe most every day.

Can we transcend? And put an end,

To fear with all this fray!?

I think your sum-summ-ation (pause)

Of taking every chance,

To laugh and chat and cry and fret,

Preserves some sacred dance,

But, still, who knows if I will wake

Up to another day,

‘Cause I might sleep through time and space,

And die, With you to stay!

Perhaps, the only fear I have – is losing you “in here!”

Or, Honey, just forgetting – that I have left My Dear!

What is fleeting?

What is not?

I don’t know,

What “God has wrought!”

And I believe in just one thing (pause) as I write this poem,

I believe in YOU, my Sweet – and that you are my HOME! 🙂

fin. ❤